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Jan 22, 2016 @ 3:00pm $4.91


Oculus seems to have the greatest potential price appreciation on a risk-adjusted basis of any stock I follow. OCLS gets my highest recommendation.  I follow other stocks with greater appreciation potential, but all of them carry more risk, how much more risk is impossible to say.


OCLS is not “low risk”; some setbacks, disappointments and failures are to expected for all companies.  When I find a company with great potential, I wait to buy it until they report a serious setback, and buy it after the over-reaction and panic selling that accompanies all bad news.  One of the main keys to investment success is finding companies that have management that knows how to manage setbacks.


OCLS has fast growing sales, a powerhouse of great products and a significant pipeline of new products, yet to be tested and sold.  I expect sales and earnings to rise very significantly.  Their market cap is only 1 times sales and management are tested and proven.


OCLS has the potential for a 10-fold price increase, or more.  The key is sales and new product approvals, watch all news closely.